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Website Development

Web Development ServicesWe like to educate our clients about the differences between website design and website development. We are a team of developers who can also design. We specialize in not only developing websites businesss, but we also develope ways for businesses of any size to scale their capabilities and automate processes within their organization. In short, we don't just design websites- we develop true business solutions through online software.

We've worked with businesses of all sizes... From small "mom-and-pop" shops to large companies that do more $250M in annual revenue- we've seen everything in between. As our projects have grown in scope, size, and required resources, we have developed alternative solutions for the smaller businesses who are looking for minimal budget and a basic website that they control. If you're looking for a site with a few basic pages about your business, a few E-Commerce options, and a Contact Us form- then please check out a solution that we have developed called System Xpress. It is a software solution designed specifically for you that provides your small business with a professional website that is easy to use and maintain.

If your business has already outgrown the "mom-and-pop" shop stages, then that's where our capabilities set us apart from our competitors. We have years of experience providing solutions to business problems, scaling capabilities through process optimization, and allowing growing businesses "do more with less" with their website!

Your website is often times your first impression to your customer. Why not make it a good one? Furthermore- there is a lot to consider when developing a website for your business in regards to the customer interface. For instance- like your retail location, you might have the best business in the world- but if I can't find you then I can't do business with you! Where your business is physically located is the direct equivalent to where you rank in the search engines for the terms and keywords important to your industry. The importance of Search Engine Optimization could never be overstated. Also, most researchers agree that up to 65% of all of the traffic that hits your website is originated from mobile devices! How does your site look on a mobile device? If you aren't mobile-friendly, you will be heavily penalized by both the search engines and your customers as they seek out sites that are easier to navigate on a mobile platform.

Process Optimization and Automation

Process OptimizationOur team has lived in the large corporate environment in every aspect. We've seen the advantages and disadvantages that come with a large organization, and we believe that we can help you scale your capabilities. Many companies that we work with have some employees that work in an internal role at a centralized location while other employees are out in the field in more of a sales and marketing role. Without exception, we have found that the vast majority of hardships and growing pains that companies have is the challenge of controlling the flow of information. The process of the inside employees making requests to the internal group and the ways that the internal group handles and responds to those requests is often times the largest source of tension between the groups. Many times this can result in the different teams feeling like they are actually two different companies when in reality they should be sharing similar goals.

In this situation, we will come in and evaluate the current processes that are in place and identify areas that don't have a set process but should. For a company of any decent size, email is not a viable solution for process management. Therefore we will take existing processes and automate them through the use of forms and standardized methods of collecting information. By using data validation on forms, we can streamline the method of collecting complete, accurate information from outisde personnel (employees, partners, or customers) and direct the information to the correct person or team that can handle the request. We will utilize mobile applications, QR codes, online forms, and any other technology necessary to streamline the process electronically and scale the capabilities of the people involved.

The result is a systematic process for producing repeatable, predictable results. In short, we allow a team to "do more with less." Produce better results without having to hire an army of people. Increase sales volume by having your outside sales team selling instead of manually entering in requests and fighting with the inside teams on the best way to get the job done. We can help with any or all of it.

This is why we distinguish ourselves as more than just a team that "builds websites." In reality- we solve business problems, we just often times use online technology to do it.