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Pleasure Farm ThumbA Bit of Pleasure Farm is a family owned business in New Jersey which specializes in boarding and training horses, and training young riders for competition. They needed a way to be able to add content updates, images, videos, and general content to their site for updates. After having struggled with an amateur site for years, they decided to make the move to System Xpress to enhance their online presence. We worked with them to move their content over into a new template and then introduced them to the user guide. From there, they have run their site on their own without the need of a third party to help them make the changes.

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To see more about System Xpress, please click on the logo below:

X Press logo

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CarlsonOrthopedic THUMBCarlson Orthopedic of Rockford contracted System X Designs to perform an array of services for their practice. They had a very negative experience with previous web developers prior to finding System X Designs and were paying way too much in online marketing expenses because they didn't have the necessary tools in place to be self-sufficient with their online presense. We were able to help them develop a professional site that would convey the right message to their perspective patients as well as to boost their rankings through white-hat, organic Search Engine Optimization services. Furthermore, their site is automatically backed up twice per day so that they never have to worry about losing their valuable information in the very unlikely event of a malicious attack or hardware failure.

We were happy to help Carlson Orthopedic of Rockford and we look forward to a long-standing partnership with them.


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QRSQuality Recording Solutions is a leader in sales and service of voice and data recording equipment throughout the Southeastern United States.

They specialize in the equipment which records 911 calls between the dispatcher and the caller. With their old website being too difficult to update, QRS contracted System X Designs to build a site that they could internally update and control the content that they posted on their site. This allowed them to interact with their customers (and search engines) on a more regular basis. Furthermore, QRS requested a way that they could automatically update their site with any equipment that they might be selling on eBay. System X Designs was able to implement a method of automatically embedding any active listings that QRS had, and the listings would automatically remove themselves from the site when completed. This allowed QRS to update information in one location and have it available on their social media pages as well as their eBay listings. System X Designs performs ongoing search engine optimization and data protection services for QRS.

Check out QRS World!

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APCOThe Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials - Alabama is a state chapter of APCO - International which is the world's oldest and largest non-profit professional organization dedicated to the enhancement of public safety communications. Alabama's chapter of APCO contracted System X Designs to build a site where they could regularly communicate with their chapter members as well as promote events that they host and attend. The site also allowed them to expand on their opportunities for sponsorship income as well as to highlight partnerships that they had formed with other organizations and private companies. System X Designs still performs ongoing data protection services as well as maintenance and updates for Alabama APCO.

Check out Alabama APCO!

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CentralRecovery (Custom)Central Recovery and Towing is a small tow-truck business in Macon, Georgia.

They needed a basic site where customers could easily find their contact information. More importantly, they needed the customers to find them instead of their competitors. They contracted System X Designs to help them build a search engine friendly site that would help them corner the market by utilizing a good marketing plan and effective website.

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CreeksideAir (Custom)Creekside Air is a HVAC company in Covington, Georgia that needed an online presence to showcase their product line.

They contracted System X Designs to implement their site, take necessary photographs, and import necessary product information from the manufacturer's site.

Check out Creekside Air!

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BurritoLoco (Custom)Burrito Loco in Covington is a fabulous Tex-Mex style restaurant in Covington, Georgia.

They wanted to add their menu to their website as well as their location and contact information. System X Designs was able to build and remains contracted with Burrito Loco to assist in updating their content, data protection services, and search engine optimization.

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YourSistersCloset (Custom)Your Sister's Closet is a consignment shop with locations in Covington and Monroe, Georgia.

They needed an online presence that would allow them to share their contact information, business information, address, driving directions, and pictures with their customers. System X Designs was able to implement a site using their graphics and color schemes where they could showcase all of the aspects of their business that they wanted online!

Check Out Your Sister's Closet!

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JDFranklin (Custom)Jon David Franklin is a country musician out of Birmingham, Alabama.

He needed a basic site where he could provide newsletters and upcoming information to his growing fanbase. He contracted System X Designs to help him implement a site with basic information, catchy professional graphics, newsletter components, and the ability for him to update his content on a regular basis. System X Designs was able to develop and launch the site within the permitted timeline and remains contracted to provide data protection services.

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CW Law (Custom)Coxen and Worthington Law, LLC is a law firm with offices in Covington and Atlanta, Georgia.

They understand the need of having a powerful online presence. With so many of their client leads being generated online, they contracted System X Designs to assist them in building a site that would showcase their skill sets and drive customers from the Atlanta area and local area to their law firm. Their site has continued to grow just as their business has, and System X Designs remains contracted with data protection services.

Check out Coxen and Worthington Law, LLC!

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TaylorMadeGrill (Custom)Taylor Made Grill is a fine-dining restaurant in middle Georgia.

Taylor Made Grill originally contracted System X Designs for a simple website that would have an online map and phone number in a very basic layout. After visiting their location and seeing the class of their restaurant, it was decided that their site needed to go above and beyond. System X Designs was then contracted to take professional photographs, and build a completely customized site that would adequately showcase their amazing atmosphere. The result turned out to be everything that Taylor Made Grill hoped for.

Check out Taylor Made Grill!

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AROB (Custom)AROB Performance Group specializes in custom built racecars.

Their high performance machines and industry demand that their website showcase their state of the art facilities and projects. For that reason, they contracted System X Designs to design a site that would display picture galleries without too high of a demand on their servers. After all, a company that builds fast cars can't have a slow website! Their site enables them to add pictures and content at will, and keep their followers up to date with fresh articles on a daily basis.

Check out AROB Performance Group!

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ShotsFired (Custom)Shots Fired Indoor Gun Range is located in Covington, Georgia.

System X Designs was contracted to design their logo and marketing materials, develop their site, and provide ongoing data service and search engine optimization strategies for Shots Fired. This project consisted of:

  1. Online Catalog of Products
  2. Online Marketing Solutions
  3. Social Media Marketing Presence
  4. Newsletter marketing
  5. Full Mobile Platform
  6. Search Engine Optimization
  7. Large-Scale Data Protection Services including daily database backups
  8. Online Calendar of Events
  9. Google Maps integration to provide driving directions
  10. Integration with Facebook and Twitter to automatically add articles at incremental times to both pages
  11. MUCH more

Check out Shots Fired Indoor Gun Range!

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WeRethink (Custom)We ReThink is a partnership of dynamic motivational speakers based in Athens, Georgia.

We ReThink is a partnership of dynamic motivational speakers and leadership/corporate trainers based out of Athens, Georgia. System X Designs was contracted to develop their site to allow them to schedule training and speaking engagements, design their logo and marketing materials, provide ongoing data service and search engine optimization strategies, and assist in developing an online marketing plan.

Check out We Rethink, Inc.

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Rockdale (Custom)Rockdale Aware is the interactive site for the Rockdale County Task Force Against Family Violence in Conyers, Georgia.

System X Designs was contracted to develop a site which would enable them to promote their fundraising events online, appeal to corporate sponsors, communicate with battered women, and provide valuable information to the public regarding family violence. System X Designs continues to work with them updating their sponsorship and volunteer forms as needed, providing new content, maintaining the mobile site, provide search engine optimization, and providing data protection services. The Rockdale County Task Force Against Family Violence is chaired by State Judge Nancy Bills.

Check out Rockdale Aware!

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PawnProAthens (Custom)Pawn Pro, Inc. has locations in both Covington and Athens, Georgia.

System X Designs was contracted by Pawn Pro, Inc. to provide logo design, site development, online and social media marketing, search engine optimization, and data protection services. The search engine optimization has ranked Pawn Pro, Inc. as the number one spot on Google for pawn shops in both of the cities that they have locations in!

Check out the Athens location.

Check out the Covington location.

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SRGC (Custom)South River Gun Club is an outdoor gun club located in Covington, Georgia.

They host shooting competitions, training courses, club events, and other activities each month, and needed a way to update their members on each event. System X Designs was contracted to develop a site where they could update their own content in a timely manner, send newsletters out to their 780+ members, post pictures, scores, and more on a continuing basis. Furthermore, System X Designs was able to implement an ongoing strategy for collecting their annual dues which saves hundreds of man hours every year. Complete with an online payment option, reporting features, dynamically updating lists of who is current on dues, etc., the solution that System X Designs developed and implemented has truly changed the way that South River Gun Club does business.

Check out South River Gun Club!

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NimbleWorking with Nimble[IS] has been a fantastic experience for all parties involved. We have worked with them on projects covering the following features and tasks:

While many of the projects that we have completed with them are under a Non-Disclosure Agreement, we are happy to say that we have an ongoing relationship with Nimble[IS] and look forward to continuing to grow that relationship.

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Sparrow Defense ThumbSparrow Defense contacted System X Designs to help them take their business to the next level. They needed to be able to add registration forms and collect payment, add products to their online store, add images and videos, and add events to a calendar. They also needed the site to be mobile friendly without being difficult to maintain. After speaking extensively with the owner, System Xpress was a better solution to fit their needs affordably and effectively. After getting their original content up and running, they were able to take over without a hitch and use the user guide to be able to understand each piece of their site.

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To see more about System Xpress, please click on the logo below:

X Press logo

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TeleNet is an international leader in developing effective demand generation, lead generation, and lead nurturing strategies that drive revenue for some of the world’s most profitable Fortune 50 organizations.

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MTUS Hold handWe have worked with Maytronics US for a number of years, assisting them with web-development, marketing initiatives, rewards programs, mobile applications, and much more. We have developed a complete Dealer Rewards program which spawned across their network of more than 1,200 dealers throughout the USA and Canada. We helped improve their business processes both internal and external to their organization through a series of data collection techniques which streamline the way that the people outside the office communicate with the people inside the office.

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InterFab ThumbSystem X Designs was fortunate enough to be invited to a bidding session for a very large project for Inter-Fab, Inc. They had prepared a budget, technical requirements, and an outline of events that wanted to happen within a specific time frame. Immediately, we went to work on their technical requirements to see how we could help them solve their problems. One of their key requirements was that the new enterprise site be built in a specific Content Management System, one with which we are very familiar. However, having worked with this CMS numerous times- we were able to share our concerns with placing a large, enterprise website that would scale in growth and capabilities in the future into a CMS that wasn't designed to handle such a large scope. We showed them some other options and made a recommendation of a different CMS that would certainly be able to handle their project more efficiently and securely.

Once the project was underway we worked hand-in-hand with their sales, marketing, and operations teams to be able to drive their project to completion, arriving both ahead of schedule and below budget. We redefined some of the process workflows that they currently had in place and automated much of the flow of information to the correct departments and personnel. We combined the databases and capabilities from three separate systems and rolled them into the primary website so that all of their administrative tasks were handled in one centralized location. We then trained their staff how to perform the tasks that they were responsible for in a series of webinars and documentation.

We also developed a mobile application which would allow both outside sales/marketing team members and their network of dealers and distributors to communicate directly with the inside sales team. This reduced the amount of re-work that stemmed from the all-too-common problem of companies using email for project management. By putting core processes in place, it allowed them to scale their efforts as a whole and accomplish more work with the same amount of people, freeing up some of their time to work on other marketing initiatives.

We continue to work with Inter-Fab, Inc. and value our partnership dearly. They're a great group of people who are experts in their perspective fields, and we look forward to whatever challenging projects they can bring us in the future.

Check out Inter-Fab, Inc.


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USA Guns Pawn Magento ThumbUSA Guns and Pawn is the premier firearm dealer in North Georgia!

System X Designs was contracted with USA Guns and Pawn for Search Engine Optimization, Data Protection Services, and we are planning their e-commerce platform which will be released soon. Their e-commerce system will link inventory, pricing, and product information from their largest distributor.

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RCC Diamonds 3"Regal Collection is an Atlanta premier jewelry designer.  We specialize in custom designing and customer service. Our custom designed pieces are all one of a kind, unique to your imagination, and cost a fraction of the cost that you will find at most our competitors.  We can start from scratch with a pen and paper or help redesign a piece that you already have."

System X Designs was contracted by Regal Collection Corp. to implement an e-commerce solution and to assist with Search Engine Optimization. Furthermore, we implemented some data protection strategies to ensure that their information is always backed up and secure.

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MaytronicsSystem X Designs had the pleasure of working with an industry-leading manufacturer to create a customer rewards incentive program for them.

While this was an e-commerce project, it was not a traditional e-commerce solution as there is no money exchanging hands. The customer was apply for "reward points" which were earned by previous purchases and those "reward points" were then a form of currency that they could redeem other product with. This was a very large scale project with automatic email notifications, e-commerce solutions with full reporting capabilities, automatic purchase order generation, request and approval forms, and other complex systems which allowed the employees to run the entire program without the headache of previous years. This site also contains our platinum package from our data protection services along with automatic email notifications based on trigger events within the site.

Check out the full site!

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Mobility SolutionsMobility Solutions of Indianapolis specializes in both automotive solutions for handicapped drivers as well as leg braces. Their project was unique in that it required that they an e-commerce system to sell the leg braces as well as Custom Quote Request Form for their customized solutions.

We were able to provide them with an online store that would calculate their inventory, allow their customers to choose various options of their products, as well as include a lead generation form for their more customized automotive solutions.

Their site is completely mobile friendly and is optimized for Search Engine Optimization. We provide ongoing support for their site and have them on our Data Protection Plan to ensure that they never experience data loss due to hardware failure or malicious attack.

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JRCJRC Connect is a leading provider of computer equipment, servers, hard drives, memory, and other similar items. This site is huge, containing more than 470,000 different products.

Inventory and pricing are updated twice per day across multiple distributors. Search Engine Optimization procedures are a part of the packaged services along with data protection services. We have integrated with a third party content provider to automatically import the products from multiple distributors, sync the products with the appropriate content from the content provider, and update inventory daily. We have configurable pricing structures allowing the client to set a global pricing markup or they can choose a specialized markup per manufacturer. They can create custom discounts and coupons, categorical pricing strategies, and various payment/shipping methods. This site contains attribute filtering on hundreds of attributes as well as an "in-stock" indicator. On the back end of this site, the client can generate sales reports in multiple formats to generate a true look at their daily/monthly/quarterly/annual sales figures.

We have an ongoing partnership with this client and continue to provide updates and enhancements to their site on a continuous basis.

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Shooting StrategiesShooting Strategies is a local business specializing in weapons training and violence preparation.

System X Designs was contracted by Shooting Strategies to help promote their online presence via website development, social media marketing, viral video marketing, an interactive calendar of events with a registration/payment process, and a full e-commerce solution. Furthermore, to assist with the online marketing that was occurring, System X Designs implemented a PPC advertising campaign as well as organic Search Engine Optimization. With daily database backups and weekly file-tree backups, System X Designs also handles all data protection services as well as disaster recovery initiatives for Shooting Strategies.

Check Out hooting Strategies!

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ASharpDesignsA. SHARP DESIGN STUDIO is a small business in the East Atlanta area that needed an e-commerce site to sell custom jewelry and similar items.

They contracted System X Designs to implement an online solution where they could accept credit card payments, generate sales reports for tax purposes, calculate inventory on hand, utilize coupons and discount codes, calculate shipping costs automatically, and a host of other necessities to enable them to automate their business. Not only that, but they wanted their site to be 100% mobile friendly. System X Designs was able to meet the requirements of their site well within the allocated budget and required time frame. Furthermore, System X Designs was able to implement some basic search engine optimization as well as provide data protection services.


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TFW (Custom)Train Fight Win is a privately owned E-Commerce site which sells instructional MMA content all over the world.

Utilizing the e-commerce solutions put in place by System X Designs and an innovative system of videos available in DVD or downloadable format, Train Fight Win has grown to more than 20,000 subscribers from more than 80 countries and has made sales on multiple continents. Due to the nature of their content and products, System X Designs helped implement a marketing strategy that focused on viral video marketing. With well over 7,000,000 video views online, it's safe to say that the marketing plan was a large success.

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Canon (Custom)Canon is the world's largest and most prestigious camera manufacturer.

Canon is the world's largest and most prestigious camera manufacturer headquartered in Mellville, New York. System X Designs was contracted to build the E-Commerce interface for the largest distributor that Canon has in their education vertical market. This project consisted of many parts, including (but not limited to) of the following:

  1. Coupling thousands of SKUs with different tiered pricing
  2. Freight calculation based on specific account information with a freight carrier
  3. Online Marketing Solutions
  4. Social Media Marketing Presence
  5. Newsletter marketing
  6. Full Mobile Platform
  7. Advertising positions to sell advertising space on each page
  8. Search Engine Optimization
  9. Large-Scale Data Protection Services including database backups twice per day
  10. User based permissions for employee section
  11. Online coupons, discounts, special pricing
  12. QR Codes generated dynamically on each page
  13. Ability to view/edit customer's cart
  14. MUCH more
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AnnsbrookeAnnsbrooke Swim and Tennis Club is a Home Owners Association with 110 homes.

Annsbrooke needed a way to communicate with the homeowners within their association as well as to perspective home-owners. They contracted System X Designs to build a system where private content would be available to residents but not to non-residents. This project grew into request forms for renting their clubhouse, modifications of exteriors of the homes, and many other requests which occur within a Home Owners Association. Also included is a system for sending out newsletters, a business showcase of local businesses, and photo galleries within the neighborhood. System X Designs performs ongoing Search Engine Optimization services as well as Data Protection services for Annsbrooke.

Check Out Annsbrooke HOA!

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PrecisionAutoSales ThumbPrecision Auto Sales is a automobile dealer lot in Athens, Georgia. They contracted System X Designs to develop a system that would allow them to keep a steady rotation of automobiles on their site as they came through the lot. Furthermore, they needed a way to provide an invoicing system so that the end user could pay their monthly invoices online.

System X Designs also put together an online marketing campaign as well as an in-depth system of Search Engine Optimization to ensure that Precision Auto Sales dominated its georgraphic area's search results for anyone searching for an affordable automobile. Coupled with the Platinum Level Data Protection Services that are built in to this site, the owners can rest easily knowing that their site is always working for them, always competing on their behalf, and the content and data of the site is always 100% backed up and protected.

Check Out Precision Auto Sales!

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AMSOIL (Custom)Synthetic Lubricants of GA is a small business that specializes in the sales and distrbution of synthetic oils from AMSOIL.

They contracted System X Designs because they did not want to use the standard dealer template that AMSOIL provides with every partner. In order to differentiate themselves and enhance their Search Engine Optimization, Synthetic Lubricants of GA contracted System X Designs to build a completely customized site that would allow them to still use their dealer codes in interacting with the primary AMSOIL site but they could control the functionality of the site completely. System X Designs remains contracted with them to provide ongoing data protection services as well as Search Engine Optimization and mobile advertising.

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IPS (Custom)Integrated Power Solutions is a southeastern company that provides critical power protection for data centers, hospitals, telecommunication centers, and other mission critical facilities.

They needed a way for their technicians and engineers to be able to share spec sheets, warranty information, equipment guides, manufacturer information, quotes, site surveys, and more online. Furthermore, they wanted their customers to be able to login and see all of their previous invoices, site surveys, etc. They contracted System X Designs to build their site and implement a creative solution for their needs based on user permissions. System X Designs remains contracted with IPS to provide Search Engine Optimization and data protection services.

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CC (Custom)Conservative Calling is a political blog that has some particular needs in order to grow their site quickly while on a budget.

System X Designs was able to help them exceed their growth goals by utilizing some complex API calls with social media networks. Now, Conservative Calling can pre-write articles and schedule them to go out at a later (pre-determined) time. Once those articles are automatically published, a link and preview of the article is automatically sent out to their social media networks at the same time. Coupled with some Search Engine Optimization, mobile friendly platforms, and crafty online marketing, Conservative Calling was pleased to see their online following jump from 100 followers to well over 10,000 in less than one month!

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SSR (Custom)Spanish Site Reviews is an online review site of different products intend to teach the Spanish language.

System X Designs was contracted to implement an affiliate marketing strategy for their various affiliate accounts so that they could publish articles, free lessons, samples, and reviews- and all of the links on the site would install cookies into the user's browser. If the user then purchases one of the products based off their review, Spanish Site Reviews will receive a portion of the payment.

Check Out Spanish Site Reviews!

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Spanish (Custom)The Spanish Tutor is a combination of Spanish tutoring materials in a large scale solution.

The Spanish Tutor is a private company which specializes in both teaching Spanish to students as well as providing Spanish Tutors with useful resources and additional means of income. System X Designs developed their site in such a way that they could utilize mobile technology, audio and video resources, online games, recurring memberships, affiliate marketing, social media marketing, a message forum for students and tutors to interact, and MANY more marketing aspects. As with most of our larger projects, this contract also involves ongoing search engine optimization and data protection services.

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ProFab (Custom)ProFab Custom Fabricators specializes in the custom fabrication of metal for architectural projects.

Based out of Wellford, South Carolina, ProFab contracted System X Deisgns to build their site where they could showcase the images and specifications for their projects that they have completed throughout the country. With a clean, sleek appearance, System X Designs was able to implement scrolling slideshows and image galleries where ProFrab could continuously add to their display of completed projects.

Check Out ProFab Customs!

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Gourmet Foods InternationalGourmet Foods International is a large foods distributor based out of Atlanta, Georgia whose annual revenue tops $200M.

Previously known as Atlanta Foods International, they contracted System X Designs to build a site on their internal server environments that they could then edit, maintain, grow, and change. System X Designs was able to develop a site that tied their intranet systems with employee information to the site for one systematic interface that both employees and customers could use seamlessly.

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LE (Custom)Law Enforcement Tactics is a privately owned site that specializes in contract work with law enforcement agencies.

While they do offer online sales of their DVD video, they also needed a way for potential clients to contact them for training services. System X Designs teamed up with Law Enforcement Tactics to build a site that would display their videos, testimonials from previous customers, an online store for their DVD sales, and an intereactive registration system where customers could sign up for training events and pay online for their registration. Law Enforcement Tactics has continued to keep System X Designs involved in their site by data protection services as well as Search Engine Optimization.

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Terrapin 2System X Designs worked with Terrapin Brewery to understand how they could enhance their marketing initiatives regarding the end-users of their craft beer. Through multiple working sessions we came to understand some goals that they wanting to achieve with the mobile and online marketing efforts, and we talked about some of the options that they could utilize in order to reach those goals.

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Catch 22 Gastropub Mobile AppLet it be known that Catch 22 Gastropub was the first restaurant in Athens, Georgia with a native mobile application for both Android and iOS devices! Their app serves as a staple of their marketing to make customers come back on a regular basis. At Catch 22, they know that their marketing dollars and efforts go 7x further when directed on growing existing customers as opposed to targeting new customers.

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