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QR Scanning

qr scannerWith the ability to pass information through a QR code, your business can take advantage of some incredibly powerful marketing opportunities with a native QR Scanner.

This technology was originally developed for manufacturing in the automotive industry, but its applications in today's use are far more reaching. We'd like to provide you with some examples of ways that we have successfully implemented QR codes into our clients' business models. Click on a link below to expand that tab:

Online Sales Videos

No one can sell your company's products like the head of your sales team! Instead of relying on their network dealers who sometime hire temporary help personnel in their stores to do the selling, one of our clients was able to successfully implement a series of sales videos featuring their VP of Sales! In the display kits that they sent to the dealers they included a QR code for each model of their products. The Dealer App that their dealer network uses has a QR scanner built into it utilizing the camera to scan the codes. When a customer wants to know more about the product, the salesman on the floor could simply scan the code and voila- the customer is now watching a video of the VP of Sales talking about that exact product.

The dealers loved it, the customers loved it, and our client loved it. It allowed them to scale their sales capabilities into the hands of each of their dealers without having a lot of additional training, overhead, or marketing bandwidth.

Lost or Damaged Items

One of our clients ships large amounts of orders on a daily basis to customers all over the country. This is a business-to-business relationship, but the person receiving the box is never the person that actually placed the order. There are times when some items are missed during packaging or damaged during delivery. To streamline the ability for the person receiving a potentially damaged or missing item in a shipment to directly contact a person that could solve their problem, we leaned on the technology of QR codes. On the top of every packing slip that goes out of their warehouse there is a QR code and instructions to scan the QR with the QR scanner built into the app. When they do, it will bring up a form for them to fill out but is pre-populated with all of the order information for that exact order. The result is a dramatically faster turn-around time on a replacement part so that both parties are happy!

Enter To Win - Contests

A client of ours was registered to go to an education tradeshow for teachers, but didn't want to pay the extra amount of entry costs to receive all of the information about each registrant at the show. There were a lot of registrants- but they really wanted to more strategically target the audience members. As part of their booth, they printed a large 18" x 18" QR code on a banner that read "Win a FREE $500 Camera!" When people scanned the QR code, they were directed to an entry page that we created for them which asked for their name, phone number, email, and a few other brief items that they wanted to know for sales profiling. Each person that entered their information had a chance at winning a camera that they had brought as a prize. This served multiple purposes:

  1. It drew people toward their booth as they needed to be close enough to scan the QR code.... Which also left them close enough to talk to.
  2. It drew out registrant information for profiling that wasn't readily available from the data provided by the show organizers
  3. It automatically placed those who entered into an automated marketing drip to help generate sales

As soon as the show was about to end, a winner was selected at random. All of the other names received an automated and personalized email exactly 20 minutes after the drawing that stated "Sorry you didn't win, here is a coupon code for you to use on our site." 

The result was a huge success in both drawing people into their booth as well as increase web traffic an online revenue!

Loyalty Program - Check-Ins

One of our clients is a brewery. There are several local bars and restaurants around town that sell their beer, and so they decided to cross-promote across those bars. They set up an agreement with the bars where the bars would help to sell more of their beer and they would help to push clients to those bars. It worked like this...

A push notification went out to everyone with the app within a 25 mile radius informing them of the contest. They got a prize that would normally cost about $750 that they advertised as the reward to the winner. The contest went for one month, and the rules were simple. You go to each of the bars identified in the app and you ask the bartender for the QR code that you need to scan in order to "check in" after they had ordered a beer from that brewery. The bartender gave them the QR code which was provided by the brewery and the customer used the QR scanner in the app to "check in" via the code. Once they checked in to each of the available bars, they received 1 entry to win the prize at the end of the month. It drove customers into the bars/restaurants, which was great for them with the accompanying food/drink sales. It incentivized the bars/restaurants to push their beer as a requirement of the give-away. It also drove the customer back into the app on a regular basis, further establishing the relationship between the end user and the manufacturer.

In short- the entire program generated a LOT more than the $750 prize cost them...